Tonino Lamborghini TEA SELECTION includes eight classic teas and four infusions, packed in single-serv boxes: whole leaves of the highest quality, in single hand-sewn tea filters with the famous ‘Raging Bull’ logo on the tags.Tonino Lamborghini Tea Selection flavours:

PAI MU TAN FUJAN: White tea, consisting of silvery buds collected strictly by hand at the beginning of spring before they have fully opened, the Pai Mu Tan Fujan is a precious and rare white tea. Its flavour, a floral note, fresh and incredibly smooth, is reminiscent of honey. The taste of sheer sophistication.

DARJEELING: Black tea par excellence, universally known as the “Champagne of Black Teas.” At first picking, the leaves have the luminescence of gems. The tea’s subtle aroma and incomparable taste is reminiscent of chestnut, Muscat and green almond. The most refined palates will be able to grasp the extraordinary nuances of flavour from this finest of black teas.

BANCHA: A Japanese green tea characterised by large leaves and a compact, intense colour. Traces of sweet fresh grass give this tea an unmistakably unique aroma. Rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium and vitamin A, it is a great alkalizer, hypoglycaemic and a blood purifier. The low caffeine content makes it delicate and suitable for children.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST: The most English of black teas, created by careful selection of Indian and Ceylon teas, their leaves slightly shredded, this mix is probably the most famous in the world. The strong flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment not only for breakfast but any time of the day.

EARL GREY IMPERIAL: Black tea, the king of flavoured teas, famous throughout the world for its full-bodied, fruity and aromatic tang. An extremely versatile tea that can be enjoyed on its own or with a range of savoury and sweet food. Our IMPERIAL variant consists of an excellent base of black Darjeeling tea enriched by the natural aroma of bergamot from Calabria. Traditionally an afternoon tea, it can in fact be enjoyed any time of the day.

ROOIBOS: No caffeine tea, known in Africa as red tea, means “red bush” in Afrikaans and is an infusion made from the leaves of the homonymous plant. In this blend, its sweet taste is enhanced with floral orange nuances. Naturally caffeine-free, it is characterised by the presence of natural antioxidants important for well-being.

MINT: Green tea, its fresh and punchy tang make it particularly suitable for the warmer months but still a great choice for the winter. The best Chinese green teas are enriched by fragrant peppermint leaves to deliver a touch of natural balsamic freshness.

GARDEN LAWN: Green tea, the smoother choice for those palates that tend to shy from the bitter edge of some green tea, this mixture of Chinese and Japanese green tea with jasmine flowers creates an extremely fragrant, fruity and fresh blend.

BERRIES: This classic infusion brings together the aromas of freshly picked berries. It combines the joy of a heartening drink with a healthy infusion of vitamins and minerals that can be integrated into the daily requirement. With its full aroma, intense and enveloping, it promotes a feeling of calm and well-being.

PEACH AND APPLE: Infusion, the East and Mediterranean meet in this soothing and fragrant drink. The full-bodied, soft peach and lively apple combine to create a unique and exotic infusion.

AFTER MEAL: Infusion, to help recover from the stresses and strains of the day and aids digestion, it can become an indispensable part of your daily well-being routine.

CAMOMILE: Infusion, The camomile flower is one of the most popular and relaxing herbal teas. Sipped at any time of the day, its sweet taste and delicate fragrance promote calm and relaxation.

Tonino Lamborghini Tea Selection is presented in a dedicated special luxury paper box in mat black finished with the Tonino Lamborghini Logo on the lower right side, in an elegant vanished black tone-sur-tone.
The Tonino Lamborghini Tea Selection box is divided in twelve silver mirrored sections, dedicated to each tea fragrance. Each section contains five little boxes of that specific filter flavor. Thanks to a Tonino Lamborghini personalized red silk ribbon it is possible to pull out the chosen fragrance.

Each Tea and infusion filter has a dedicated box finished in mat black paper, in order to give the product an idea of luxury and unique sensation. The red shield logo with the ‘Raging Bull’ insignia is in the center of the box and has a silver vanished effect.
On each Tonino Lamborghini Tea box there is a short description of the flavour and the time of infusion, in order to give all the correct information to better serve/taste these high quality teas.



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